Seminars and Focus Groups


To help employers, workers, union representatives and other relevant stakeholders develop better understandings of their responsibilities to promoting health and safety on the job. This program also allows expects from many occupational health disciplines to share their experiences with our participants and address specific issues pertaining to particular industries.
Attendance at each in-house/onsite seminar is limited to 50 participants; however, up to 100 participants can attend our online sessions. Prepaid registration is required.

Please call or email us today for a quote. We will customize the seminar to meet your company's needs and mission. We will work with you to develop and deliver an applicable and resultful approach gearing towards employee's satisfaction, increased productivity and injury prevention.

Focus Groups

Small groups of discussion (20 participants) to address a specific occupational health issue or safety issue on the job. In addition, we develop a guided strategy to resolve the identified issues and work with management and union organizations to implement our action plan. Our focus groups may also lead to discover other relevant issues, for which additional consultation may be needed to inform sustainable interventions.

Click HERE to see a list of our seminar and focus group topics. Please remember that we will customize your sessions to address your company's specific needs.